But I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys
Until I see you fare thee well
-Steve Earle, Pilgrim

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

300K Brevet Postscript

The two riders, Jason Feltrope and Dan Pfaff, abandoned the brevet after they ran into a major storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. They were just past the bridge replacement project, about 110 miles into the ride. They took shelter at the home of a couple who provided an MS150 rest stop a few years ago. When it became apparent the storm was not going to letup any time soon, they got a ride home. When I was riding into Pierce City, I saw the storm move in behind me. I was hoping at the time that they were further along.

Doug Nickell provided the following pictures of the finishers. Thanks again to Doug, Rae and Tom for helping out at the finish.

Nancy Myers

Tom Barnett & Mike Myers

Rae Nickell keeping me dry

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Springfield, MO, 300K Brevet

The 2009 Springfield brevets successfully concluded this Saturday. I would not have been surprised if no one showed to ride the 300K because the forecast was for an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms, but we had 5 riders. One rider was there when I pulled into the parking lot of York Elementary School at 5:00. We left at 6:00 with a few sprinkles and a favoring southeast wind. While the forecast was accurate as the day progressed, fortunately it did not rain everywhere at the same time. I rode off and on with Nancy and Mike Myers for the first 100 miles, and we did not hit our first good rain until we were about 10 miles outside of Jasper, MO, the second control. At the Jasper control, Nancy left half a sandwich on the seat of their tandem, and a dog took off with it.

We were at the Joplin control, just short of 100 miles, at 11:15, but then we turned into the wind for the 90 miles back to Springfield. I was able to stay with the Myers for a few miles out of town because there were some hills. We ran into an unexpected obstacle: a small bridge replacement project. We walked around it, and then the Myers were off across the flat lands. The last time I saw them was when I rode into Pierce City, about 16:30, as they were riding away. It started to rain again while I was at the control, but it was short lived. I made it to the Casey's in Aurora well before dark, which had been my main goal because I know the farm roads east of there.

I was about 13 miles out when a cold rain started to fall. I only had a cotton jacket and fingerless gloves, but I was also wearing a short-sleeve wool jersey. While my arms and hands were cold, my core stayed warm. I pulled into the final control at 22:20 where I was greeted by my friends and fellow cyclists Rae and Doug Nickell and Tom Barnett. They were also there to greet the Myers who arrived at 21:10. The other two riders did not finish.

Again, thanks to John Jost, the St. Louis RBA, for letting me to hold the 200K and 300K brevets in Springfield this year.

Nancy & Mike Myers on Historic Route 66

Alba, MO, at 85 miles out

This will stop cars, but

Not randonneurs!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ozark Greenways Fundraiser

The OGI fundraiser was held Thursday evening at Lindberg's on Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri. Blue Plate Special and Revolver provided the music. The music was great, and the crowd was big with a number of cyclists and local celebrities.

Blue Plate Special played the first set, including their signature song: Dead Armadillo.

Terry Whaley, OGI Executive Director, and Tim Conklin, Ozarks Transportation Organization Executive Director.

Bruce Adib-Yazdi , local architect and Springbike Advocacy Committee Chair, with Susie Farbin and Diana Hicks, owners of Mama Jean's Natural Food Market.

Terry Whaley with Springfield Councilwoman and Commercial Street resident Mary Collette.

Loring Bullard, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks Executive Director, and Paul Parker, Commercial Street resident.

Valerie Griffin, St. John's Cycling Team Captain, and Coy Hart, cyclist extraordinaire and LAB instructor.

Revolver finished the evening playing the second set.