But I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys
Until I see you fare thee well
-Steve Earle, Pilgrim

Friday, January 22, 2010

Precious Moments 202K Permanent

A new Permanent has been approved by RUSA. The Precious Moments 202K starts in Carthage with the turnaround in Willard. There is an intermediate control in Miller. There is about 8,000 feet of climbing. Let me know if you want to ride it. You must be a member of RUSA to ride.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooky's Solo

The cold, snowy weather finally broke and with the month winding down, it was time to ride a 200k. No one I knew could ride this past weekend, so I took off on the Route 66 & Cooky's Pie Permanent on Sunday morning at 6:30 in a heavy fog. Rail traffic has been down, but I had to wait for a train at Nichols Junction. Fortunately, it was a short train. I had already gotten damp from the fog and would chill quickly whenever I stopped for any length of time. The ride outbound was uneventful, and the fog held up all the way to Golden City. Riding in the fog is almost like riding at night. Many of the landmarks disappear, so that the sense of time and distance is lost. Judy, my wife, met me at Cooky's for a leisurely lunch, and the fog had broken when I left a little after Noon.

The Cooky's route has a number of dogs that usually aren't much of a problem, but this time there were some new ones. I was chased by two large dogs at one time on the way out, but easily pulled away. Fortunately, they were not around on the way back. Inbound, there was a large German Shepard, with a cowbell tied to its neck, that charged about a hundred yards across his yard. Now why would anyone tie a cowbell to a dog unless it is to warn of your imminent demise. The Shepard stopped about 10 feet away after four or five sharp NOs, although he may have also recognized the can of Halt! I had in my hand.

As I was passing the Springfield airport, I heard the train whistle behind me and I was glad I beat it to the crossing on FR 124. I then heard the whistle ahead of me at Nichols Junction, so I expected it to be clear when I got there, but it was a coal train that was still adding cars in Wyoming. I made it back a minute after 17:00. That makes at least one 200k each of the last seven months.

Waiting for the train in the damp dark

Still foggy in Halltown

About 1/2-mile visibility

Ready to head back

New signs on Historic Route 66

End of the coal train

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cycling in the Netherlands in the 1950s

I particularly like the family out for a ride in their cycle car.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Ride of the Year

Springbike Bicycle Club held their annual New Year's Day ride even though the temperature was about 10 degrees below the 30 degree cutoff. The sky was clear, so once we got going I was not cold. The ride started from the Logan Elementary School, east of Springfield, at 11:00 a.m. There were 22.5 and 30 mile options. About 15 riders showed up. The four cyclists I rode with rode the 30-mile route.

Not a very good self portrait

Bundled up for the cold