But I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys
Until I see you fare thee well
-Steve Earle, Pilgrim

Sunday, October 31, 2010

1950 Cyclocross Race

I think I will stick to randonneuring.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marshfield Mash 112K

Yesterday, Dan and I christened this permanent. It was a great day to ride: sunny, cool and just a little wind out of the south. We saw alpacas and an elephant, as well as other animals, made from old horseshoes. The horseshoe animals were on KK at Turnbo Road. This puts me officially at 3,600K for the year and on track to ride 4,000K for the year with at least two more 200K rides to go.


Horseshoe elephant

Other horseshoe animals

Hard to see, but looks like a T Rex

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Month, Another 200K Permanent

On Saturday, Tamara, Dan and I rode the old standby, Route 66 & Cooky's Pie, to Golden City. The route overlapped with the Springbike Fall Metric Century, and Dave Nelson took a photo of us as we passed him. It was a great Fall day to ride except for a good headwind out of the north.
R-12 tally:
Tamara-8 months
Dan-4 months
Ralph-4 months

Tamara, Ralph & Dan by Dave Nelson

Longhorns west of Miller

Golden City, MO

Wild flowers still in bloom in October